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[Closed] General rules

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These are only some general rules. If an admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.

[A] Language

     [A.1] Write ONLY in english!

     [A.2] Do NOT harass, bully, troll, stalk, accuse or make drama!

     [A.3] Do NOT post writing or images with profanity, political, racist, religious or pornographic content!

     [A.4] Respect each other, even when you have different opinions!

     [A.5] Respect the admins and moderators!

     [A.6] Advertisment is completely forbidden!

[B] Posting, creating topics

     [B.1] Do NOT spam!

     [B.2] Do NOT use excesive caps, emotes, marks or quotes!

     [B.3] Do NOT multi-post!

     [B.4] Create topics ONLY if they haven't been discussed already!

     [B.5] Post your topics in the right thread!

[C] Posting image and files

     [C.1] Post images or files in maximum 8MB!

     [C.2] Do NOT post racist, pornographic, political or profanity files!

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