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Baronz Logistics

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Baronz Logistics skinpack

This truck skin is only for the next generation Scania S (high cab).
It’s completely up to you how the skin will look like, because there are four different areas which you can paint individually.

You can find a link for the trailers below (currently four different color combinations for the trailer. I will do more combos soon)

Each trailer is available in two different variations:
– Painted rims
– Chrome rims

Get the Trailers here (click me)

Make sure you have only one trailer activated, when loading your game!
The trailer skins are also available for the Schwarzmuller curtainsider.
You might also need the 50k accessory pack.

50k Accessories[]

Other tuning mods i used:

– construction lights
– paintable old school rims

The trailer was not created by me. I only made the skin for it and added the trailer cables. The author of the trailer is Stanley, so please do not upload the trailer anywhere.

If you get a warning which looks like this „temporary buffer is insufficient while reading…“ check this guide out. But i am not responsible for it, if it doesn’t work. Also make sure you don’t use more than the half of your available RAM for ETS2.

And don’t forget to rate my work 😉
Big thanks to Todd for editing the screenshots above and Driverstein for making this awesome video.
Make sure to check out his youtube channel here:
Driverstein’s youtube channel
You can also add me on twitter if you want.

This is my first skin which I have made completely alone. If you like it and want me to keep doing skins for ETS2 you can give me a small donation here:


Thanks for your support!

1 review for Baronz Logistics

  1. Axoman Gaming YT

    amazing skinpack

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