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Jacob Pedersen Lundby Scania S [1.39]

(4 customer reviews)


Jacob Pedersen Lundby Scania S 1.32


This is a replica skin of the real Jacob Pedersen Lundby Scania S650 truck. Please respect these credist and keep as the download link. Also, keep the original images that come with this mod. Reuploading using that link is allowed! Reuploading using a differint link is strictly forbidden!

Recommended mods:

With these mods u are able to replicate the package like on the screenshots.

Credits: samvanneste, Kerstens Modding

4 reviews for Jacob Pedersen Lundby Scania S [1.39]

  1. Yoeri


  2. flindt(dk)

    its super good job there mate. keep it going. and in style

  3. Ripperino2K

    Thank you so much for your quality skins , im a big fan of this one .
    Others arent supported yet for 1.32 but hope to see them updated when the patch official releases.
    Here a action shot =)

    • Sam Kerstens

      Glad u like it buddy, you’re welcome 😀

  4. epn106

    Really great skin mod, but the truck wheels have weird white stripe on it. I’m using abasstreppas wheelpack mod and the game is in beta version

    You can see it here:

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