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LP Trucking Scania S [1.39]

(3 customer reviews)


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LP Trucking Scania S 1.32

This is a replica skin of the real LP Trucking Scania S.Please respect these credits and keep as the downloadlink. Also, keep the original images that come with this mod. Reuploading using that link is allowed! Reuploading using a different link is strictly forbidden!

recommended mods:

– Custom Sideskirts:
– Abbastrepas wheels:
– Sunvisor:

With these mods you are able to recreate the package like on the screenshots.

Credits: samvanneste, Kerstens Modding

3 reviews for LP Trucking Scania S [1.39]

  1. Alex82

    the authors have fixed the mistake and redeem it and everything is fine

  2. Annoyed

    Oh great. Another locked mod. So user friendly

    • Sam Kerstens

      To prevent people stealing our work. Has nothing to do with user friendly. U can just use this mod what it is intended for. Not for stealing.

  3. V780

    First want to say that this is a very very nice mod.
    But I have one question: Could I get the colour code of the blue and grey parts. Just want to use the trux BullBar with these skin.
    Thank you for modding 😉

    • Sam Kerstens

      #2134a5 and #bdbebd. Could u please share us the files once it works? Maybe we can push an update out: )

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