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Patrick V.D. Hoeven Scania S

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Patrick V.D. Hoeven Scania S

This is a replica skin of the real Patrick V.D. Hoeven Scania S730 Please respect these credist and keep as the download link. Also, keep the original images that come with this mod. Reuploading using that link is allowed! Reuploading using a differint link is strictly forbidden!

Recommended mods:

With these mods u are able to replicate the package like on the screenshots.

Special thanks to TANT03 for the amazing screenshots!
Contact him on Discord: TANT03#8602

Credits: Sam Kerstens, Kerstens Modding

1 review for Patrick V.D. Hoeven Scania S

  1. Axoman Gaming YT

    Absolutely amazing skinpack possibly my favourite. My video showcase Keep up the great work Sam.

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