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Røling Transport A/S ~ [1.39]

(8 customer reviews)

Sharing this mod is allowed. The only obligation however is to keep the original download link, which is: //


Røling Transport A/S

This skin was made earlier, but that was a conversion from the older Scania 6 series, to the new Next Gen. Since Røling Transport A/S recently finished their new pearl, a Next Gen Scania. Therefore, we released this new version, fully compatible with the newest game version, 1.39.

This mod was made to work with:

  • Scania S 2016 by SCS
  • All standard ownable trailers by SCS
  • Krone Profi Liner, Cool Liner and Profi Liner double
  • Mods listed below: 👇👇👇

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Sam Kerstens, CEO Kerstens Modding made this mod.
Sharing this mod is allowed. The only obligation however is to keep the original download link, which is: //


For support, everyone is welcome in our Discord community. This is where we can help you with all kinds of issues with our work: Join here

8 reviews for Røling Transport A/S ~ [1.39]

  1. Sotiris

    I have a problem. When I apply the skin on the left side of the sideskirt i can see a template not a skin the same color as the truck I also have the sideskirts and the exxtended sunshield you recomended. Please help me solve the issue. Apart from that thats an excellent mod

    • Sam Kerstens

      Hmm, weird. Are you sure u are using the newest version of ETS2, 1.32? Since this mod is not compatible with 1.31! Also, put the skin at the very top of the mod manager, so it has the highest mod priority. Plz let me know!

  2. Sotiris

    @Sam Kerstens I am curently using version 1.32.3s I dont know if thats the problem

  3. SOTOS-2JZ

    One of the best skins ever made and these guys have the best customer support

    • Sam Kerstens

      Thank u so much buddy, you’re welcome

  4. Dave

    Nice mod but where can i find the interior and the custom bottom grill?

    • Sam Kerstens

      Private buddy, sorry.

  5. Copyright86

    Hey. Mod looks really great. But I can’t find the Trick skin. I only have the Trailer Skin. I have the mod on highest priority in My Modfolder. Please can you help me?

    • Sam Kerstens

      The easiest way to help u is to join our Discord server and to create a ticket there.We have a whole moderation team ready to help u out!

  6. mike schumacher

    very nice mod.
    can i get the trailer link?

    • Sam Kerstens

      Trailers are the official trailers, and the ones shown on the picture are the Krone trailers. No mods.

  7. mike schumacher

    hey. how can i find the windshild sticker NETHERLANDS?

  8. Jason .

    its a great skin but it doesnt work anymore in 1.35 cant activate it

    • Sam Kerstens

      Fixed 😀

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