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S. Verbeek & Z.N. Robbie Williams skin

(9 customer reviews)



S. Verbeek & Z.N. Robbie Williams skin

Make sure you’ve installed the required mods, and also in the correct order: 

This is the skin based on the Scania S with the Robbie Williams theme. This S730 contains quite some special paint and lots of work. We hope you enjoy it!

Required mods

Recommended mods

9 reviews for S. Verbeek & Z.N. Robbie Williams skin

  1. DriverStein

    One of the best skin packs ever made for ETS2!

  2. rcak

    Best skin for Scania Next Gen.

    • SamKerstens

      Thank you. I really appreciate it mate!

  3. Trankyl

    Merci c’est une superbe réalisation

  4. Azpuba

    Hey man, what is the password so i can install that lightbox skin

    • SamKerstens

      Lightbox skin is included. Put the skin above the lightbox. Pw is secret.

  5. sascha

    hey what is the Password for this mod so i can the verbeek Skin ?

    • SamKerstens

      Secret so no one can mass with my work.

  6. sascha

    ok would just like to drive with it
    just i get the file not unzipped and the Trailer does not want the Skin to do any work with it just stop in the game drive with it

  7. Cloud

    I have a problem with the lightbox. There is no verbeek skin, just a “In memory of paul walker” skin. what can i do, to get this verbeek lightbox?

    • SamKerstens

      Hi buddy, first of all, sorry for this late response. The reason it’s showing Paul Walker is because you did not use the correct mod order. Make sure you have loaded the skin above the lightbox. This should solve your problem. Let us know!

      King regards,
      Sam Kerstens
      Kerstens Modding

  8. Cloud

    Now it works great. Thanks a lot

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