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Skinner application!

Kerstens Modding are looking to recruit skinners!

Are you interested in creating skins for our community?

-When you skin within a team, you will be able to achieve better results, learn from your mistakes, and from the knowledge of other team members.
-You won’t have to spend time creating a manifest file, taking and editing awesome screenshots and uploading your content everywhere, since our Mod Managers will do this for you!
-Keep your own sharemods download link, so you will still be paid for your great work.
-Have a great time within our community!
-You work will be published with our brand name. That means quality, good advertisement, and higher download rates so more revenue!

-The skins you make will be published with our name. Your credits will also be mentioned though!

Are you interested in creating skins for our community! Feel free to join us if you feel you meet the requirements!

-Create high-quality skins for all trucks, including Scania Next Generation.
-Recreate real companies
-Want to skin together with other people, and learn within our community
-Good knowledge of English
-Be capable of working as a team, even if you don’t agree with other team members

If you have questions or want more information, send @Sam Kerstens#2835 a message.

Do you feel you meet the requirements and want to apply? Go ahead!!

All of our applications take place in our Discord server. Make sure to join us here: // After u joined, make sure to contact Sam Kerstens, CEO Kerstens Modding and tell him u are interested in the Skinner position within our community!!

Good luck!!